What is good nutrition?

For most people, that’s a hard question to answer.

You can find weight management and nutritional advice anywhere – on the Internet, on television, in bookstores – but sorting through it all leaves many people frustrated and confused. The best weight management and nutrition programs are specifically tailored to your nutritional, physical and lifestyle needs. Yet evaluating which diets would best complement your needs can be difficult.

That’s where Dr. Christine Eros’s experience and expertise comes in….

Whether you have a chronic health condition or want to improve your eating habits for your own personal and physical well being, we have the expertise and the programs in place to help you do it.

Nutrition Counseling

Our individual counseling sessions begin with a consultation with Dr. Christine Eros to assess your dietary needs.We’ll work with you to create a realistic nutrition plan that takes into consideration both your physical goals and your lifestyle. In so doing, we create a plan that is tailored specifically to you. And, Dr. Christine Eros will provide you with evidence-based guidelines, meaning that your nutritional plan will be based on solid, proven research – not fads or fashions.

Children with weight management needs are seen with their parent(s) or guardian.We use a family centered program to foster a healthier home environment and improved family dynamics.

Group Classes

If your primary goal is weight management or disease prevention, our group classes can help. By offering a supportive environment in which you can meet others who have similar goals, our group classes help you make lifestyle and dietary changes necessary to achieve good health. (Coming soon)

Healthy Steps

Think Smart : Eat Well : Move More!

This program teaches you how to lose weight safely, without fad diets, and develop healthy habits for a lifetime of weight maintenance.

Think Smart: Thinking smart and making good choices are the cornerstone of success. This program will provide tools to change your way of thinking, making it easy to choose the healthy options and support your weight loss goals.

Eat Well: Dr. Christine Eros will teach the skills necessary to maintain good nutrition while cutting calories to lose weight. These skills are essential for a safe, successful weight loss that encourages long-term lifestyle change.

Move More: Physical activity is an essential part of losing weight and keeping it off. Each week a fitness activity is incorporated into the class to help you learn to move more on a daily basis


$350.00 - Nutritional Consultation with physician includes:
  • Nutritionally related Physical Exam
  • Appropriate Labs
  • Review of a 3 Day Diary Food Journal Analysis
  • Establish Goals
  • Obtain Body Fat Percentage and BMI
  • Discuss good food choices customized menu planning
  • Establish meal plan that will work for individual
  • 4 follow-up sessions
  • 2 phone consult follow ups within one period
  • Complimentary 1 hour Nutrition Lecture
A la Carte:
$200.00 - Nutritional Consultation with physician includes:
  • Nutritionally related Physical Exam
  • Appropriate Labs
  • Review of a 3 Day Diary Food Journal Analysis
  • Establish Goals
  • Obtain Body Fat Percentage and BMI
  • Discuss good food choices customized menu planning
  • Establish meal plan that will work for individual
  • Complimentary 1 hour Nutrition Lecture
$55.00 - Follow up sessions with 1 phone follow-up

Are you getting enough of the right vitamin D?

Few foods are naturally rich in vitamin D, and common fortified foods fail to meet minimum daily recommendations for kids or adults. Plus, absorption may be inhibited by a number of factors, as well as by certain medications and over-the-counter drugs. Plus, the body’s ability to make this “sunshine vitamin” declines with age, and skin experts advise against the unprotected sun exposure necessary for sufficient vitamin D production.*

Lifelong benefits with vitamin D. Supplementation is commonly recommended during pregnancy, nursing, and childhood, as well as in adolescence and later adulthood. In fact, vitamin D is the most recommended supplement for the elderly to help maintain longevity and independent living. Vitamin D supports multiple areas of health and well-being—including:*

        • Bone density
        • Healthy muscle function
        • Heart & circulatory health
        • Healthy immune system activity

The D3 difference from Metagenics. The body converts dietary vitamin D2 into D3 to deliver associated health benefits. Metagenics provides high quality D3 formulas in a range of dosages and forms to meet all of your needs.*

        1. D3 Liquid—1000 IU of vitamin D3 per drop and ideal for kids & adults
        2. D3 1000™—1000 IU of vitamin D3 per easy-to-swallow microtablet
        3. D3 2000™ Complex—2000 IU of vitamin D3 plus soy isoflavones in each tablet
        4. D3 5000™—concentrated dose of 5000 IU of vitamin D3 per softgelMake an appointment today to discuss your vitamin D needs and see which product is right for you.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Avoiding omega-3 pitfalls

Not all omega-3 (e.g., EPA, DHA) formulas offer the same health support or quality—or meet label claims for active ingredients. And there are often health and safety reasons behind a healthcare professional’s recommendations for a specific fish oil supplement, such as OmegaGenics™ formulas from Metagenics. Discover some important revelations below.

Concern: Contamination. Some fish oils may contain excessive levels of harmful toxins, such as heavy metals and polychlorinated biphenols (PCBs). They may also contain potentially harmful bacteria (e.g., salmonella), yeast, and mold.

OmegaGenics Advantage: Purity Guaranteed. OmegaGenics fish oils are produced in Norwegian pharmaceutical-licensed facilities and third-party tested for over 250 contaminants. Plus additional in-house tests for common bacteria, yeast, and mold, as well as testing for shelf stability.

Concern: Rancidity. Fish oil is unstable and can quickly become spoiled and oxidized. Fish oils should be tested adequately for rancidity in production and extra steps (as needed) to protect the product during storage, transport, and normal use.

OmegaGenics Advantage: Antioxidant Stabilized. OmegaGenics fish oil formulas are third-party tested for rancidity and fortified with natural antioxidants to maintain freshness.

Concern: Low Potency. Some products may not actually contain the amount of omega-3s listed on labels—compromising expected benefits and value.

OmegaGenics Advantage: Concentrated Omega-3s. OmegaGenics formulas are tested in-house and by a leading third-party facility to ensure omega-3 content meets or exceeds label claim—for reliable dosing and dependable value.

Concern: Fishy Aftertaste. Omega-3s from fish oil don’t have to taste (or smell) like fish to work well.

OmegaGenics Advantage: No “Fishy” Taste! OmegaGenics formulas begin with cleaner oils for a cleaner taste—and natural fruit flavors and enteric-coated options make them taste even better.

Concern: Unspecified Applications. EPA and DHA offer different health benefits and can be formulated to have different ratios. A one-size-fits-all approach makes it difficult to determine ideal use.*

OmegaGenics Advantage: Targeted Formulas. OmegaGenics offers a comprehensive line of 11 omega-3 formulas, including EPA-DHA blends, a concentrated EPA formula, and concentrated DHA formulas. In addition to different dosages, the OmegaGenics line also offers a variety of delivery forms, including liquids, softgels, and chewable gels.

Schedule an appointment today to discuss how a targeted omega-3 formula can help you and your family maintain better health.*
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Meet the new gold standard for hot flash relief

Get effective, reliable hot flash relief…naturally. While hormone therapies may offer effective relief, they carry a risk of adverse events—especially in perimenopausal women. And many traditional natural approaches—though often safer—may not provide a dependable, effective solution for a majority of symptomatic women. Estrovera® provides ERr 731®—which has been clinically tested and shown to significantly reduce daily menopausal hot flashes from a median of 12 to 2 in just 12 weeks.*

Clinically shown to relieve common menopausal symptoms. In addition to effectively relieving hot flashes and night sweats, ERr 731 has been clinically shown to help a number of common menopausal symptoms, including:*

  • Irritability, anxiety & poor mood
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Urinary tract symptoms
  • Feelings of physical & mental exhaustion
  • Sleep disturbances

Excellent long-term safety profile. Unlike some approaches, ERr 731 does not contain estrogen or have very potent action on certain receptors in the body, making it a safer option. In clinical studies lasting up to 2 years, there were no reported serious adverse effects associated with ERr 731 supplementation. ERr 731 has a long history of successful, widespread use and has been recommended by healthcare providers in Germany for 20 years. Additionally, ERr 731 notably outperforms clinical results seen in studies with phytoestrogens derived from soy and red clover.*

Contact the office today to learn more about Estrovera and relief for peri- or postmenopausal symptoms.*